Transforming Insurance

Investing and developing Insurtech that can have a meaningful impact to the insurance ecosystem.

Tech and insurance combined has the potential to change the world we live in. The insurance industry has been greatly disrupted in recent years, in large part due to digital transformation. The ripple effects of that transformation have driven widespread insurance innovation.
avotech Projects
avotech CSI (Cyber-security & Insurance)
Built for enterprises, insurers and intermediaries
The avotech CSI platform is a 360-degree cyber-security service, insurance and reinsurance solution that minimises the threat of cyber-security to enterprises and enables insurers, reinsurers and intermediaries to insure such threats with confidence, breadth, security and accuracy.
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avotech Ledgerball (Distributed Ledger Technology)
Built for insurers and intermediaries
avotech Ledgerball is an Insurance/ Reinsurance platform and DLT solution that enables insurers and intermediaries to reinsure with unparalleled speed, breadth, security and accuracy.
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