avotech CSI (Cyber-security & Insurance)

Built for enterprises, insurers and intermediaries

The Problem
Cyber incidents have become the third largest risk to businesses worldwide.
Enterprises exposed to Cyber-security threats
Cyber incidents have become more damaging and expensive for companies and often results in lawsuits and litigation after the event."
The 9th annual Allianz risk survey
Cyber incidents can:
  • Have an economic cost of impact
  • Cause repetitional damage to company
  • Breach regulatory compliance and country laws
Challenges facing Cyber-security insurance
Cyber-security insurance is becoming more popular, but for insurers and those seeking protection, they face numerous challenges
• Time consuming to assess the cyber-security risk  
• Insurers lacking cyber-risk underwriting expertise
• Expensive Premiums
• Expensive Deductibles
• Lack of reinsurers to spread the risk

The Solution

Cyber-security Platform
Detect I Respond I Report
The avotech Cyber-security Engagement Platform (CEP) encourages users to achieve and maintain a healthy level of cyber-security resilience.

We combine the avoCSI Scorecard with a number of cyber-security services including automated services to help users towards improving their cyber-security, wellbeing and risk assurance.
Cyber-security Risk Qualification
avoCSI Scorecard: avotech measures and quantifies cyber-risk with the Cyber-security Score. The Cyber-security Score is a scientifically calculated number from 0 to 1,000. It's based on the important perspectives of cyber-risk/security, and designed to help insurers and intermediaries to insure, resinsure with confidence, breadth, security and accuracy.
Digital Insurance
Easy I Agile I Open
Integrating the Cyber-security platform with the avotech Digital Insurance Platform will provide insurers and intermediaries with a 360o cyber- security service, insurance and reinsurance solution - delighting customers with great user experiences and accelerating time to market to sell and manage Cyber-security Insurance.

The avotech digital insurance solution provides dozens of pre-built capabilities with world-class UX design, that are easily configurable and extensible, allowing insurers to create highly tailored customer experiences across any channel.
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Cyber-security matters to everybody - every company and every private individual
Dominic Wang
transformation & technology, avotech
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