avotech Ledgerball (Distributed Ledger Technology)

Built for enterprises, insurers and intermediaries

The Problem
Traditional reinsurance practices are costly to operate, with inefficient processes, "grey areas", and limited oversight
Inefficiencies in reinsurance transaction
A multitude of parties are needed to execute certain reinsurance tasks; the insurance process remains far from transparent, coordinated or secure. Every new party engaged in a particular insurance transaction, adds a compounding set of work and potential for fraud, cyber attack, lost data, misinterpretation and human error.

Legacy systems have perpetuated a closed-off insurance
information environment with data silos and resulting
operational inefficiencies, such as lengthy processing tim

The Solution

Frictionless reinsurance
Efficiency I Data I Risk
A Reinsurance and DLT solution that enables insurers and intermediaries to reinsure with unparalleled speed, breadth, security and accuracy.

One technology platform: Harmonise and place reinsurance treaty agreements all in a single SaaS solution

Fits with existing workflows:
avotech's Platform highly flexible and designed to co-exsist with your existing workflow

Smart automation:
avotech's smart contracts allows the automation of different processes, creating efficiencies

Built for insurance professionals:
Easy to use and fast to learn for the people who can benefit the most
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avotech is committed to increasing the efficiency and transparency of reinsurance transactions and providing greater exposure within the reinsurance ecosystem
Chris Collins
product & STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP, avotech
Get in touch to find out more about Project CSI; we're always looking for partners to get involved!
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